Line Scale From and Poole & Company Architects are pleased to announce a strategic expansion through a merger.

At Line Scale Form, we focus on the details. Our goal is to provide you a design that is exceptional and practical – visually, fiscally, and functionally.

We listen and communicate well.

We balance concept, craft, and cost.

We cultivate creativity.

We listen to a client’s concerns and use our professional expertise to consider multiple solutions.  On many projects, we lead clients through the process of design, selecting contractors, and establishing expectations during construction.  Arriving at the final design is the result of a group effort where each person brings his or her expertise to the table.

We balance concept, craft and cost in each project we lead. We are a collaborative firm, and we focus our efforts and expertise on creating and leading a great project team of engineers, contractors and subcontractors. Our knowledge and experience prepares us to lead a team to create a built space that suits your needs now and in the future.

We leave our egos at the door. After all, the building belongs to the client, and it should suit their needs in the end. Our collaborative process allows the project team to work together and share varying viewpoints. This compilation of diverse perspectives cultivates creativity.