Mission Critical

As architect for mission critical projects, we bridge the gap between the highly technical and the plain spoken. We ensure all constituents – from facilities to capital management to end user – are on the same page. We assemble a premier consultant team and work to balance the design’s concept, craft and cost. We ultimately give each client the optimum solution for their needs, budget and technology. From the first conversation, Line Scale Form Architects works to understand our client’s business, goals, and priorities.


A data center evaluation is a planning tool that helps ensure the power and HVAC systems are “right-sized” for the equipment within a space. We help identify risk, analyze the power infrastructure and review resiliency / security. The goal? Ensure operations are efficiently optimized to maximize utilization and reliability.

We work with our clients to build a growth profile plan, whether for high performance compute, research, disaster recovery or colocation service. Evaluation deliverables include:

Executive summary, including owner

Growth profile plan program requirements

  • Benchmark data summary
  • Business mission validation summary

Conceptual design with project schedule and budget